Bass Metals Ltd. (ASX:BSM) is an emerging producer of industrial mineral concentrates, approaching the key strategic milestone of profitable production at its flagship asset; the operating Graphmada Large Flake Graphite Mine in eastern Madagascar.


Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean 250 miles off the eastern coast of Africa across the Mozambique Channel, just south of the equator. Over 1000 miles (1580 km) long and 350 miles (570 km) wide, Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. Its most prominent feature would have to be the steep mountain range paralleling the entire eastern coast.

Madagascar’s climate is tropical, with two seasons. During the rainy season (December-April), the island receives between 12 and 340 inches (30-355 cm) of rainfall annually. During the dry season (May-November), average midday temperatures range from 77 degrees F (25 degrees C) in the highlands and 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) on the coast. Along the Eastern coastal plains, high humidity is tempered by almost-constant ocean breezes.